My favorite pastime is thinking about the Divine. I am an everyday student of religious philosophy. This study has brought me to where I can use the second half of my life practicing what I have learned as a way to turn my face and open my heart to God. And I need a lot of practice since I have many failings! But I’ll just list my strong points right now:

I enjoy the “Zen” of hard work. I believe in doing a job mindfully and paying attention to the detail of the work. I can experience the feel of the work in my body and notice each aspect of the task. There is awesomeness in that.

I love nature and I believe in the natural, cyclical rhythm of our existence that is “God’s breath”. That’s why I garden and buy into environmentalism.

I believe in recycling; not just putting plastic in bins but as a lifestyle. It means using the things I already have until they wear out and not using throwaway items. It means re-using or repurposing anything. That includes reusing fabrics and paper for scrap before I put it in the recycling bin. And I bring any paper bag I have to the grocery store, no matter what it says on the front. I don’t believe in putting my deposit bottles in the recycling bin either. I take them back to the store and recycle my money! I believe I have a responsibility to the beautiful creation that is the earth not to take it for granted. I am not entitled to all the resources I can misuse.

I appreciate the philosophies of many cultures when it comes to healthy living. So like the Japanese I believe in a clean, uncluttered living space with proper “Ki” (Chi) flow. And I believe in the old English adage “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  That is an organized living space.  But I don’t want anyone else cleaning my house because if I can’t clean it, it means I have too much house. Actually it’s because it’s always poor women of color who clean and they should have a chance to do something else. That’s why I buy Fair Trade products. Maybe it will reduce the number of poor women who will have to seek employment outside of their communities cleaning other people’s homes. And not Fair Trade products for the sake of it like bracelets or purses (unless I need one). I bought a Fair Trade sweater because I was cold.

Lastly, I believe in a good healthy diet full all the things the Indian system of Ayurveda and my southern grandmother advised so I’m not a size 2 but I love Yoga and walking. I also love to sleep and dream the dream that all cultures revere.

I am a very grateful person for the many blessings in my life.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. I admire the fact that you are working hard to live the principles you espouse. I feel pretty much the same as you on almost every point. Some days I struggle more than others to stay true to the attitude of reverence for all of creation. It is a lot easier to maintain reverence for, and stay attuned to the natural world than it is to maintain reverence for every single person and situation I encounter. But I do know that I am a much happier and more fulfilled person when I am able to maintain that atttude of reverence.


  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to visit your blog and what a joy it was. I wish I was able to follow the environmentalist way a little more than I can. Have a wonderful evening.


  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog! I wanted to drop by and invite you to join in Project O which is a look into how opinions are formed around the world. If this interests you and if you have a social issue you might want to share with people, please consider joining! The post can be found at the top of my blog under Project O – The Original Project Idea and the template is the post next to it. Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog! –OM


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